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Cockneydog is Anthony Head

Anthony Head is a softwre artist and lecturer in Digital Art and Interactive Media. He is course leader for a Foundation Degree in Digital Design at Bath Spa University. He has experience in commercial interactive design and is a practising digital artist, having exhibited nationally and internationally. Anthony's art is in the medium of software where he writes custom programs in order to achieve his artistic aims.

Anthony is a specialist in interactive 3D design, web-design, programming, education, usability and digital art curation. He is part of Imaginalis, an artists cooperative, specialising in immersive environments.


Artists statement

As a software artist and designer my research practice resides on the crossover of science and art. The major area of enquiry in my work has been focused on digitally created interactive objects and artistic virtual environments. I create environments through the medium of programming, as opposed to 3D modelling techniques. I have exhibited work nationally and internationally and have co-written a book on the subject of interactive 3D that has been published internationally.

Two of my previous research projects investigate digital media in relation to Kinetic Sculpture, I create 3D interactive sculptural objects that move, and can be influenced by the viewer. One of my sculpture series is metamorphic in nature (changing in form) and the other zoomorphic (animal-like and form changing). Mathematics generates the structure of the forms, through computer programmed graphic technology and physics defines their motions. As such, mathematical equations are my chisel, manipulating a basic geometric form, the sphere.








I have been exploring the possibilities for these virtual kinetic sculptures, from the point of view of the virtual object, and how the audience can experience the material properties of sculptures. The audience experiences a ‘feeling’ of reality with these computer-based creations.

My research also takes the form of investigating control mechanisms (including touch screens and cameras) for exploring the objects, thus enabling the viewer to be more physically involved with the sculptures that they can’t actually touch.

My work with virtual environments is related to the sculpture work and is computationally based. With the environments, immersivity, chronology and the engagement of the audience are key features, along with the exploration of the possibilities of aesthetics within the medium of 3D computer graphics. I have created a number of virtual environments, including a virtual gallery. A substantial project I’ve worked on was Purbeck Light Years, a collaboration with Landscape Painter, Jeremy Gardiner. Purbeck Light Years (PLY) is a virtual painted environment, which evolves as time passes. It features locative sound, a weather system, and a landscape that changes with time. An immersive artistic experience, PLY has been exhibited in many galleries nationally and won the Peterborough Art Prize in 2003. It was recently shown in the TwoNotTen Digital Art Festival in Southampton.

I have also been involved in a number of programming based projects, including areas such as internet communication, camera based interaction and generative stories.


Some projects


Cockneydog successfully organised the main exhibition for twonotten digital arts festival -

This exhibition ran from the 20th October - 15th December 2006 at the bargate monument gallery, Southampton.

Cockneydog's involvement includes curating the exhibition, creating and maintaining the website and marketing the festival.

Illuminate Bath

I'm the Creative Director for the 2010 Illuminate Bath Festival.

See more details about this festival on the website


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